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Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been very active on social media lately… my life is super busy as you can imagine! On the bright side, I passed my lifeguard reassessment on Tuesday! Qualified for another two years, which is such a relief!

I was interviewed for Signature’s new magazine; ‘Inspire’ and it was published earlier in the week. I thought I’d share it with my lovely followers! – I’m on page 7-8!

Inspire Magazine Issue 2

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has followed me on Twitter, I’m nearly at 900 followers which is insane! I never thought I would get this far, so thank you!

Love E x

5 thoughts on “Signature Inspire Magazine!

  1. Congratulations on all of your achievements, and for being such a wonderful embassador for those of us who are hard of hearing, or deaf!

    After spending my 40’s unaware of, or perhaps, ignoring my hearing loss, I saw an audiologist. Because of idiopathic nerve damage, I learned I am severely hard of hearing in my left ear, and moderately hoh in my right. Although it took some time to get used to hearing things I didn’t know I couldn’t hear, like how noisy a grocery store can be, I’ve been astounded by how much my quality of life has improved. I especially love wearing my Phonak ComPilot Bluetooth “necklace” that allows me to make and receive (or choose not to!) phone calls, and listen to music streamed directly from my iPhone, iPod, or computer through my hearing aids. People often ask me where they can get such a great device. I tell them to get their hearing checked, and maybe they’ll be lucky enough to be hoh so they can get one, too!

    People are shocked when I tell them I’m hoh and can’t see my hearing aids, so I’m always happy to take out one of my tiny Phonak hearing aids.

    After watching a video made by someone who is deaf, I’m learning to make close-captioned videos for the times I want to post a video on my humorous website. It made a huge impact on me when she said “it’s important to remember not everyone can hear.”

    I tell people I wouldn’t care if my hearing aids were as large and obvious as earmuffs because of the positive influence they’ve made in my life.

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  2. Hi, E! You can see my first attempt at a cc video on my website at

    The reason I even thought to cc the video was because videos, and social media I’ve read encourage everyone to cc videos. It’s good for hoh people, AND so people who don’t speak English can translate the content into their language.

    I happened to find Rikki Poynter on YouTube: The videos I saw were hilarious, such as “Shit Hearing People Say” (Things You Don’t Say to Deaf & Hard of Hearing)

    I looked for, and found, Rikki on LinkedIn this morning and asked to connect with her. All three of us are writers! Cool! As of tonight, I haven’t heard back from Rikki.

    I published another blog post today on my website about an upper respiratory bug that’s going around. I refer to it as a plague, so I changed the words of Eagles’ “New Kid in Town” to “There’s a New Plague in town.” Even though it technically contains a video, the focus of the content is that I changed the words to a song, which are written out.

    Keep in touch!

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