Phonak: ‘Teaching deaf children to swim’


Hi all, just a quick one to say…

Further to my personal blog post: ‘Sink or Swim’… I wrote a blog post for Phonak:

‘5 tips for teaching a deaf child to swim’ 

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Please feel free to share with anyone who is experiencing a similar situation, parents of deaf children in particular! If anyone has any questions, email me, send me a Tweet or Facebook message and I’ll be happy to reply.

Love E x

2 thoughts on “Phonak: ‘Teaching deaf children to swim’

  1. Thanks for your advice. I’ve been wondering where to start with teaching my 17 month old to swim. He has moderate hearing and wears bilateral aids. So far he dislikes the swimming pool and I was wondering how to progress. It’s been wonderful reading about your love of swimming and it’s given me confidence that he’ll be able to learn too 😊

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