When will the ‘hearing’ ever listen?!

Just need a moment to vent my frustrations, and my blog is the perfect place!

I’ve been trying to claim tax back from my previous job last year as I don’t earn enough to pay tax. It’s taken a good year to come back purely because the tax system seems so complicated!

My mum has been trying to ring them on my behalf to claim it back, but they refuse to speak to her because of data protection. I understand but there’s got to be a way to let me contact them quickly, like by calling them. So I wrote a letter explaining that I’m profoundly deaf and I cannot use the telephone, could I please have my tax refunded etc… I eventually got a letter through the other day (ABOUT TIME!) with a cheque attached for my refund! I was happy, until I was reading through the letter when I found this stupid, snarky comment…

Tax Letter Comment

Tax Letter Comment

‘I did try and phone you to discuss the above but there was no answer.’

How many more times do I have to keep telling people? At least I thought you had to have common sense and to be fairly intelligent to work in a tax office!

Secondly, whenever I have a problem relating to my bank or online banking, I have to get my parents to phone up on my behalf and I get the same old response! It’s getting a bit frustrating, but I do understand they can’t just give out bank details to anyone. I rely on online banking and never use any other ways but even I can’t email them or text them, and when I send letters, they’re always cautious so I’m going round in circles here.

Thirdly, Avon… as you know I’m an Avon Representative, when there’s a problem with a product the best thing to do is ring them up. There’s not a lot of data issues with Avon products to be fair, if I wanted to know why I can’t refund a specific product, they should be able to tell my mum surely? They don’t have to reveal my banking details or account details or anything so why can’t I just get a simple answer – not: “We refuse to speak to you because we have to liaise with your daughter!” Also, I was on the Avon website training page to learn how to maximise my sales, but none of the videos are subtitled! Agh!!

This is reminding me why I want to be a deaf campaigner, to sort out all these problems that deaf people face, but to be honest, will there ever be a solution to this?

Love E x

14 thoughts on “When will the ‘hearing’ ever listen?!

  1. I once had issues with a bank like you, but I changed to another one. I am with a building society now and I have been for some years. I have had no problem with them, since joining them, deaf wise. They are local to me, so I can pop in for a face to face chat, but also, I can do it online as well via their private chat facility, through my online banking.

    As for your experience with the tax office, their letters are standard obviously. I had one just like that, after contacting them because they taken too much tax then they should. This was years ago for me, when i just started struggling with the phone. Their service has obviously not changed, unfortunately.

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    • Mmm that sounds good for you! Mine is local but I cannot drive so I can’t always go in 😦 and I suppose yes that’s true, but something could be done about it right? Wondering whether to contact them again about how deaf aware they are?


      • It would be worth you popping and discussing your difficulties if you would like to stay with them. With my old bank, I did several complaints, they were supposed to be improving, but didn’t and i was back to square one, that I took it much further. But even when it looked like they were obliging after that. It ended up they didn’t. I don’t know if there was a mix of communication or what. But after months of it going on, I ended up moving. I popped into the building society to check their accessibility and I liked what I heard. Nothing was a problem.

        I have used their secure message facility via my online account many times and I have had no problems enquiring this way, compared to the former bank who said i could not discuss certain details that way. So it was a win win for me to move and a loss to the former who could not give a customer service to me.

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  2. Hi there,

    I cannot use a normal telephone like a hearing person can, however, to overcome this obstacle, I make full use of BT’s Next Generation Text Service (NGTS) to communicate by telephone. It has been a fantastic help for me. More information on the NGTS can be found at http://www.ngts.org.uk and the great thing about this is that there is an app to use on your smartphone, meaning you can now make phone calls via NGTS on the go away from home.
    Hope this helps,

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    • Hi thank you for your comment. I use the NGTS at work which is brilliant but I’m not sure if the banks and places will still use it because it’s going through the relay assistant and you know what they’re like about data protection, like my mum etc, so not sure!


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  4. I had to sue HMRC for disability discrimination to get them to stop demanding that I used voice telephony with them. They settled in my favour and did apologise in writing. Their unthinking “phones phones phones” is maddening and I was unable to get them to change their attitude but if they discriminate against me again I get to skip all the being “nice” and jump straight to a second legal complaint which I will not hesitate to do. I am sorry they are so stupid and thoughtless, it’s systematic disablism where they don’t READ what we tell them and their systems are not designed to be inclusive…

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