The last week or two have been a rollercoaster ride for me, to say the least… so, good news or bad news first?!

I’ll start with the bad news, to save the funny ones to lighten the mood at the end! Those of you who read my previous blog post will know, that I had some serious personal issues which involved the police. It was a rather scary situation, as I believed I had a stalker.

I’d never seen him before, and it had been happening when I was going to work. I travel by train, and the first time I saw him, he didn’t look that much older than me, he was rather scruffy in the way he dressed, especially with his hood up. I couldn’t work out what he was doing around that time of morning, and where he would be going. The stalking had been happening three times in two weeks, as he was staring at me with an almost fixated glare on the train, then another day he followed me out of the station, probably to find out where I was going to work.

Now if you can imagine, as a deaf person, I felt very vulnerable in that situation and I wasn’t able to call my mum for reassurance, as I had to text the whole time. After the third time I saw him, my family contacted the police – something which I wish I was able to do. They came round to investigate and to find out more information. They informed me that a police officer will be at the station every day of the next week to accompany me onto the platform and to talk to the guy if he was around.

One day last week, it was the scariest day of my life. He wasn’t there at the station, so the officer left as I was about to board the train, as it seemed like the coast was clear. However, when the doors opened and I got on, he was right in front of me! It’s like he knew the police were after him and decided to con them by getting on the station before. When I got on, I entered panic mode, and it’s a horrible feeling. Why should anyone make you feel this like this? I was trying to text mum for help, in a situation where I would do anything just to be able to call her. Mum was trying to reply, but had no signal around her area, yet she received my ‘help’ text so she rang 999 for the police to be at the station when I arrived. The next few moments were all a blur as it happened too fast. Basically, as I got off the train, I pointed him out to the police, and when they caught him, I burst out crying as I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.

They took him in for questioning, and also brought me into the police office to calm me down. At the time, my phone was getting bombarded with texts from my mum, my boyfriend, my nanny, and I was also trying to text my colleagues to let them know that I’d be late to work. My poor boyfriend, being 251 miles away, was scared for me as there was nothing he could do! My mum was so worried, she was crying, and kept texting me to say ‘please can I come to you, please get them to call me’… I can’t imagine how she must’ve felt. Thankfully the officers rang her soon afterwards. I had to describe all the incidents in a statement and luckily the officers were really kind and reassuring throughout. He was given a verbal harassment warning, and if he does it again, he will be arrested. He is probably innocent but was just strange in the way he appeared. As he was younger than me, they called his parents. I found out that he was travelling to go to college, but it’s a long way to walk from the station, and for him to follow me on the way to work, which is in the opposite direction, it’s still a bit unclear why he did it. They suggested that he might have had a crush on me, but still, a simple smile or positive body language from him would’ve changed the whole situation.

When I finally got into work, everyone was worrying about me, especially the managers! I had to explain it all again to them, and they’ve all rallied together to create a ‘pick up-drop off’ rota for me, until I decide I don’t need it anymore! I suppose is kind of them, but right now I feel like a child again as I’m constantly being looked after! They also gave me a panic alarm to use in case, and I can’t even hear the noise it makes! I suppose that’s good in a way, right? The next day, I was wary when I got to the train station, but I never saw him again. I’ll still keep my guard up in case. For something like this to happen in the first month of working, it has set me back, but I’m determined to put it all behind me and to carry on being independent.

I received a letter in the post the other day from Victim Support, working with the police.

“Contact us on the number above if you need help, or outside of hours call our national Victim Supportline on…”

Well… I can’t call!! It bugs me when they never provide an email or a mobile number to text. Yes, maybe they have the text relay provided, but what about me – I don’t use text relay! I mean even the police should know about accessibility, but if not- I’m feeling a campaign coming on! Another situation, when the police officer came round my house, I told her that I signed up to Emergency Text SMS, she told me that in reality, I won’t really be able to use it because it takes time to actually text ‘HELP’, and for it to send… whereas if we were able to call 999, but if there was a way of having on-screen options like for deaf/HOH people, it would make life 10 times easier- and safer!

On the plus side, I have received some ‘exciting’ news! I have been offered the BIGGEST blogging opportunity yet! I shall reveal the company in a new blog post once all has been confirmed! I’m stunned and I can’t wait to share it with you! Did I mention, I received this news on the same day that the incident happened! Typical!

On a smaller note, I received some thank you letters from the school I volunteered at, and they were so cute!

How funny..!

Thank you card from one of the pupils!

Take a look at this one, tell me if you can see it..!

Thank you card from another pupil!

My friend, who’s also the teacher messaged me before I went in, and I couldn’t help but laugh!

Funny text, spellchecker’s at it again!

Talking about ‘death-ness’… someone commented on Facebook, and I had to share it! *Stupid spellchecker*

Lovely, but funny Facebook comment

Hope this lightened the mood for you! I’d love to hear your funny deaf-related text bloopers, so please do share them with me!

Take care, Love E x

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