Proud moment… a deaf encounter!

Hi everyone!

Just a short blog post about my proud moment today!

I was on the bus into the city this morning, and I saw a deaf guy get on the bus and he sat behind me. Where I’m from, there aren’t many deaf people, so if you can imagine… I was pretty nervous because I really wanted to talk to him! With my dream of becoming a deaf ambassador, I would love to meet lots of deaf people but I’ve always been worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them as I only know very little BSL and I use speech all the time. Therefore, I thought to myself, I have to be brave and speak to him as I’ll never get anywhere otherwise. So… I turned around and smiled to him, and signed to him “are you deaf?”, he replied, “yes” (pointing to his cochlear implant), and I said “me too!” (pointing to my hearing aids)… and this was the start of a great conversation!

We spoke about everything! P is 46 and he lives quite near me, I was surprised to find a fellow deafie in the area! He goes to deaf club regularly, and told me that they do Bingo and ‘Learn to Sign’, however they’re in the mornings when I’m at work which is a real shame… I’d love to go along one day! Let’s hope I have a morning off sometime! They also meet up on Saturday nights for drinks, which I’d really like to do (once I find a free evening!!). I think he mentioned that they were all older, but it’s fine because I’d appreciate meeting any deaf person, regardless of their age!

The annoying part was… there had to be a WASP on the bus, and it stung poor P in the back of the ear. Horrible creatures. Really hope he’s okay now!

But we exchanged contact details as he’s not on Facebook, and gave me a hug! Deaf people are so friendly!! I am really looking forward to meeting him and his deaf friends at the club. I’ll definitely blog about it when it comes!

One last comment, thank you to everyone for the support you’ve shown for my ‘Back to school guide’ for deaf children and parents! The response is overwhelming, and certainly motivates me even more!

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That’s all for now,

Love E x

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