Our Long Distance Relationship Love Story

Remember my last post about love? I promised to share the story of my relationship with D.

We met in the summer of 2013, August 10th to be precise! It was at a deaf school in Berkshire, on a deaf young leader’s course. It was a week-long residential, and everyone was so nice!

I had doubts about going on the course, as I didn’t have any deaf friends and I was scared as I wouldn’t know anyone. My parents convinced me to go and I told myself to get through it, as I’d get an arts qualification at the end of it. I was the last person to turn up on the day, it was so embarrassing walking into a room full of deaf people all staring at me!

The first day went quite well, with team building activities and I made quite a few friends! The first night, I thought everyone went to bed early as they weren’t in the common room so I went to bed myself! Next thing, there’s another girl in my room trying to wake me up, bearing in mind I didn’t have my hearing aids in and we’re all deaf! She was trying to tell me that this guy wanted to give me a hug! I was in my PJs, make-up off, retainer in… not looking my best, and I trawled out of my room to see who it was and what he wanted! It was D, he said: “can I have a hug”… aww! I didn’t really know him too well, but I gave him one and after that I went to bed and couldn’t stop dreaming about him!

The next few days, I spent breakfast, lunch and dinner with him as well as all the free time on the course. We got along so well, lots of laughs and banter! This was one of the best weeks of my life! On the last day, we finally asked each other where we lived, I said East England… his response was… North Wales. I felt my stomach drop. The goodbye was awful as we were crying a lot… Dad thought I had a terrible week!! But no, I met someone truly special!

When we got home, he asked me out over Facebook – not the most romantic, but what could we do!? August 14th 2013, it was official! We were determined to make it work, and guess what? It’s nearly been two years! I wouldn’t change a thing, well… maybe the distance!

251 miles apart.

Being long distance, it’s hard and heart-breaking especially when we just can’t be there for each other, through the ups and downs, when one is ill, or just in the need of a hug or a shoulder to cry on. I can’t tell you how much I miss him when he’s not around. Even though we text regularly, FaceTime or Skype often… it’s not the same, especially being deaf and lip-reading through terrible Wi-Fi connections! We only meet when we can, often every two months… as we’re both busy, and train tickets are ever so long and expensive – 6 hours for £70…

People ask how I do it, I really don’t know! But I guess if you’ve found the one, you’ll do anything to make it work! I do consider myself lucky, as some couples live even further, others with an ocean between them! Long distance relationships do work, it’s a matter of time, patience, trust and communication. It’s always worth it when you finally meet, and all the worries float away!

So D, I love you so much and I miss you lots, but I’ll see you soon. Thank you for all the perfect moments we’ve had together, for building up my confidence and for being such a wonderful boyfriend!

I’d love to hear your relationship stories, please share them with me!

Hope this didn’t leave you in tears, like it did for me!

Love E x


4 thoughts on “Our Long Distance Relationship Love Story

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