Goodbye School!

Well yesterday was a memorable, emotional last day of mainstream school/sixth form. 14 years of education; 7 of primary, 5 of high school and 2 of sixth form have all come to an end… time flies!

Going to miss lunchtimes out here!

Going to miss lunchtimes out here!

Most of the main school student leavers wore their school uniform for the last time; by golly it felt weird to wear it again! We had a touching assembly this morning, with lots of laughter, particularly the boarding girls’ underwear bunting hanging from one side of the sixth form to the other!


The video clip of the staff’s farewell to us set me off… here’s the link…

This school is part of my life, coming here Monday to Friday all through my teenage years, I grew up here, and to leave feels like I’m letting go of a huge chunk of my life. I’ll always remember this school, all the achievements I got, the grades, but more importantly my friends and members of staff.

As a deaf person, I feel even more proud than anybody else in my year group, because I have proved to everyone, even myself that a deaf person can complete mainstream education and succeed with a disability. There have been many highs and lows, but that’s life and in a couple of years’ time when I’m working, I’ll look back and probably wish I was back at school! For all you deaf students out there, make the most of it and no matter how hard it gets, it’s always worth it in the long run. It’ll be over before you know it, so cherish every moment.

Worn once again, for the last time ever!

Worn once again, for the last time ever!

Goodbye Wymondham College, I will miss you!

Lots of Love E x

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