Big ‘D’ or little ‘d’?

Just a short post….

Tonight, I was helping my boyfriend with his College work, he’s doing a Deaf Studies degree. Some of the things they learn/research is quite fascinating and I learn something new about deaf people all the time.

I found out that some deaf people like to emphasise the big ‘D’ of Deaf or little ‘d’ of deaf. This depending on their own views, but an article stated that ‘big “’D’ is for culturally deaf people who use sign language, but little ‘d’ if have profound hearing loss and use English to communicate’. Interesting!

I guess that makes me little ‘d’ then!

This is another reason for the choice of the name for my blog; ‘Day in the life of a deafie’ – little ‘d’, which relates to me!

For you fellow deafies, would you class yourself as big ‘D’ or little ‘d’ or else? Share your thoughts on the Forum page, I’d love to hear them!

Love E x

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