Deaf Awareness

I love raising Deaf Awareness and talking about deafness and hearing loss. I’m happy to do talks and presentations about different topics relating to hearing loss.

I am always keen to work with organisations to improve accessibility. I have worked with some big name companies!

Please contact me for any opportunities!

What being deaf means to me…

Check out this video I filmed for Hearing Like Me, about what deafness means to me…

Here are some of my Deaf Awareness blogs, feel free to share them!

Phonak: ’10 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss’BT Misconceptions

There are many things that people can assume about people with hearing loss, like their ability to drive, or that hearing loss only affects the older generation. Read this and you might surprise yourself!

’10 Misconceptions about Hearing Loss’

Phonak: ‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’BT Media Studies

Have you ever had anyone told you, that you can’t do something because you’re deaf? It happened to me when I was studying Media for A Levels.You can read about my experience here:

‘My teacher told me I shouldn’t… because I am deaf’

Phonak: ‘8 things not to say to someone with a hearing loss’BT Not to Say & Mentor

If you’ve got a hearing loss, has anyone ever said to you, “never mind” or “do you use Braille?” It’s more common than you think! If you don’t want to offend a deaf person, here are…

Phonak: ’10 tips to explain hearing loss to children’BT Explain HL Kids

Have you ever wondered how to explain hearing loss and deafness to children? When I was younger, I always struggled to tell my friends about it. I’m hoping my blog will help you too:

‘10 easy tips to explain hearing loss to children’

Phonak: ‘Do deaf people have superpowers?’Untitled design

Have you got a hearing loss and ever noticed that your sense of smell is stronger than others? That you have sensitive taste buds? You’re probably wondering… “What?” – click on the link below to read more!

‘Do deaf people have superpowers?’

Phonak: ‘4 Inclusion Tips for Deaf Awareness Week’BT DAW TIPS

Deaf Awareness Week is a fantastic week to share tips about deafness and improve people’s knowledge about hearing loss. I came up with some tips which you can share to raise awareness!

‘4 Inclusion Tips for Deaf Awareness Week’

Phonak: ‘8 Memes that Describe the Deafie Struggle’BT Memes Deafie

Memes are one of my favourite things on social media and as a teenager, I used them a lot (I still do now!) For someone reading this, who doesn’t know what a meme is… read my blog!

‘8 Memes that Describe the Deafie Struggle’