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I’ve been writing for Phonak’s ‘Hearing Like Me’ blog, for a while now! I’m a Phonak hEARo and I write about my life as a deaf person, as well as newsworthy blogs about hearing loss.

My latest blogs are here: ‘HearingLikeMe: Deafie Blogger’

British Deaf News

I am also a regular contributor to British Deaf News.

Read my blogs here: ‘British Deaf News: Deafie Blogger’

Other Organisations

I occasionally contribute to other pages too, you can read them below! If you’d like to get in touch with me, please visit the ‘Contact’ page.

Hearing Care Centre – 11th October 2018

‘Guest post: The petition for better subtitled cinema access for people with hearing loss’

Limping Chicken – 9th October 2018

‘Deafie Blogger: #SubtitledCinema Campaign aims for more subtitled screenings’

Action on Hearing Loss – (in collaboration with Michelle Hedley) – 31st July 2018

‘Lost in translation: our fight for cinema subtitles’

Ditch The Label – 27th February 2018

‘“I’m changing misconceptions about deafness…” – Deafie Blogger on talking to a deaf person’

Hands and Voices – 1st February 2018

‘Ellie: How I Became Known as the Deafie Blogger’

Scope – November 2017

‘Life with an Invisible Disability’

Scope – 19th October 2017

‘Disability and Mental Health’

Aidis Trust – 28th July 2017

‘Disabled Voices Online: Interview with E from the blog Deafie Blogger’

UEA Think German Network – 28th June 2017

‘My Language Learning Success Story’ – How I learnt German language with a hearing loss

Deaf Unity – 2nd May 2016

‘Top 10 Apps For Deaf People’

Hear 2 Work – 2nd March 2016

‘Personal stories from the workplace: Ellie the marketing apprentice’

Deaf Unity – 8th February 2016

‘Subtitled Cinema & Me’