My favourite Deaf/HOH related blogs!

Before I started blogging, I only knew very few Deaf/HOH related blogs and ever since this and my Twitter page started, it opened a whole new door for me! After weeks of reading through blogs, posting on Facebook and Twitter, I have finally shortlisted my top ’20’ Deaf/HOH related blogs! Hope you’ll find something of interest to read.

So, I went from all these lovely blogs…

Deaf/HOH related blogs

…To my final 20!

#1 – Limping Chicken

My favourite place to check out all the latest deaf news and blogs, it’s the ‘most popular deaf blog in the world’!

Limping Chicken's Blog

#2 – Charlie Swinbourne

Deaf Journalist, Scriptwriter and Photographer… this blog is a fantastic insight into his life and I’m loving his award-winning short film! Have you seen it?

Charlie Swinbourne's Blog

#3 – Deaf Expressions

Although this blog is written in relation to ASL, it’s humorous and engaging! I can relate to a lot of things that Michele writes about. My favourite post would have to be: “How can I appreciate you, if you won’t go away!”

Deaf Expressions' Blog

#4 – Phonak Open Ears (Now ‘Hearing Like Me’)

A variety of interesting blog posts in relation to Phonak Technologies and Deaf people’s personal stories! Totally worth a read!

Phonak Open Ears' Blog

#5 – Goldy’s Deaf Girl Blog

A personal blog from a deaf girl. For those of you who are in need of advice, sympathy and laughter, here’s the place to read!

Goldy's Deaf Blog

#6 – Deafinitely Girly

A blog buzzing with reviews, personal stories and deaf related humour, it’s ‘deafinitely’ worth a look!

Deafinitely Girly's Blog

#7 – Life of a Thinker

Written by Liam, a deaf guy who has a love for literature and music, did I mention; he’s writing a book?!

Life of a Thinker's Blog

#8 – A Deaf Boy in a Loud World

Very descriptive, beautifully written blogs about deafness… great for literature lovers out there!

A Deaf Boy in a Loud World's Blog#9 – Deaf Firefly

Poems, literature and a love for science fiction, DeafFirefly is a bilingual deaf poet… lots of fascinating posts on here!

Deaf Firefly's Blog

#10 – The Hearing Blog

For all things technical and engineering based, relating to deafness… full of reviews and guest articles. A great blog for advice on different options available for Deaf/HOH people.

The Hearing Blog

#11 – Living with Hearing Loss

I quite like this blog, as it offers a personal insight into everyday problems and achievements whilst living with a hearing loss. Some of the posts are truly inspiring.

Living with a Hearing Loss' Blog

#12 – Liz’s Deaf Blog

This blog is a great one to read for those of you interested in the current issues relating to deafness.

Liz's Deaf Blog

#13 – Mimi Blog

A variety of blogs written by different people, my favourite one is: “Why invisible hearing aids don’t make you happy”, check it out!

Mimi Blog

#14 – Tubetastic Pimps

For me, this business is the ‘coolest’ thing I’ve seen happen to deaf technology! From stickers for your cochlear implant, to charms for hearing aids… this should be a new fashion trend! This blog posts lots of updates, so be sure to check them out!

Tubetastic Pimps' Blog

#15 – Hearing Loss Friendly’s Blog

Another great business… since before last week, I’d never heard of ‘hearing loss friendly holidays’! This is brilliant as it gives Deaf/HOH people a chance to travel to places just like hearing people… but with brilliant deaf friendly accommodation and tour guides. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for a summer holiday this year!

Hearing Loss Friendly's Blog

#16 – Hear Better With Hearing Loss

The official blog for the author, Katherine Bouton. She’s published two books relating to hearing loss, and without doubt are worth a read!

Hear Better With Hearing Loss' Blog

#17 – Hearing Like Me

This community blog provides many articles relating to deafness, along with a forum if you’re interested in meeting people just like you!

Hearing Like Me's Blog

#18 – C I Circle

For those of you interested in Cochlear Implants, particularly parents… this blog is full of activity! You never know what you might find!

CI Circle's Blog

#19 – Speak Up Librarian

A personal blog, in the life of a librarian! Not a quiet one though! Lots of advice on here too.

Speak Up Librarian's Blog

#20 – Making Deaf Children Matter

Last of all, this blog; written by Ian, who works for NDCS. As a deaf adult himself, he’s passionate about campaigning for deafness. If you’re interested in this kind of thing, here’s the place to look!

Making Deaf Children Matter's Blog

Hope you enjoyed this, and found a new blog of interest to you! I’d love to hear any more Deaf/HOH related blogs that you like, please contact me!

Love E x

19 thoughts on “My favourite Deaf/HOH related blogs!

  1. Thank you for including us. This is such an honour! 🙂
    We have recently relaunched our website and blog, but all posts have been migrated – it is now, not Would be extra grateful if you could relink our new blog page 🙂
    Thanks again!

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  2. Thank you very much for including The Hearing Blog in your list, as we put in a lot of hard work researching articles; and sometimes we kick up a real storm when we break news.

    For example, our 3,000 word article on selecting a cochlear implant surgeon took over six months to research and send out for rounds of vetting. Yes, it rubbed a few professionals the wrong way; but it also broke news as it’s the first public discussion of the Cochlear Nucleus electrode array “spearing” the basilar membrane when the stylet is improperly used.

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